Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production by Plasma Gasification of Existing Biomasses in Cuba

Jorge Jadid Tamayo-Pacheco, Leonardo Peña-Pupo, Arelys Vázquez-Peña, Ángel Luis Brito-Sauvanell


The production of 2nd generation biofuels is a transcendental issue for sustainability due to its influence on reducing fossil fuel consumption. One of the most recognized techniques for the production of biofuels starts from syngas with an H2/CO = 2 molar ratio. This gas can be obtained through the biomass gasification process, a complex process with several operational parameters. The purpose of this study was to perform the simulation of the plasma gasification process of three biomasses that are abundant agro-industrial or forest residues in Cuba. For this, the graphic method and the exploration of the operating regions were used applying a model with a thermochemical equilibrium approach. As a result, it was obtained that it is possible to achieve a production of syngas with values between 1.79-2.80, 1.68-2.37 and 2.09-2.81 NM3/kg from sugarcane bagasse, rice husk and wood sawdust, respectively, with the cold gas efficiencies, in that same order, 31-65%, 20-49%, and 43-53%. In addition, the sensitivity analysis was carried out to identify the influential parameters on performance indicators.


Simulation of plasma gasification; thermodynamic analysis; sensitivity analysis

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